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GreatAccounts Release 10.3.2 | Update 2013.02


Release 10.3 (Update 2013.02)  21 June 2013
GreatSoft is proud to release the latest update of GreatAccounts. In this release we have introduced some more exciting features to enhance the usability of the software even further.

Note: Due to the extensive list of changes, these release notes only provide highlights of the enhancements. Please visit our website for the unabridged version.

The latest updates can be downloaded from the GreatSoft FTP-site under GreatSoft | GreatAccounts | Updates.

Important: After the software update has been applied, please ensure that your Master and Member Templates are opened in order to run through the update, before continuing to work on your client ledgers.
  • Ledger Status and Activity Reports
    Both a Ledger Status and Ledger Activity report are now available in GreatExplorer, enabling users to easily see which ledgers are e.g. checked out and by whom, as well as to get a breakdown of user activity on a ledger. Powerful filters on the Ledger Activity report enable quick retrieval of relevant information. These reports can be found under Reporting in GE.
  • Ledger Integrity Check (Portable Environments)
    Upon checking in ledgers/documents to the Office Server GreatAccounts will now verify that the data copied to the server is 100% correct and valid. This will ensure that no data loss is experienced by clients during network disruptions while checking ledgers in, or in the event of other potential server hard-drive issues.
  • Clean-up of Local Folders (Portable Environments)
    GreatAccounts will now prompt users when detecting ledgers that exist on the local machine, but which have been deleted from the server. A list of ledgers is shown allowing you to select which of them you would like to remove from your local machine.
  • Pastel® Integration
    The Pastel® Integration functionality in GreatLedger has been significantly extended with the introduction of the following features:
    • Backwards Integration: It is now possible to export entries captured in GreatAccounts as Pastel® general journal batches in the required comma-delimited format, ready to be imported and updated.
    • Option to Import Balances or Entries: Users can now choose to either import all historic entries, or only account balances for This Year/Last Year when importing a Pastel® ledger during the GA initial ledger setup (speeding up the import and reducing the overall size of the ledger).
    • New Automatic Mapping Available: An additional mapping method which automatically maps all Pastel® accounts based on their original Pastel® financial categories to the correct IFRS Categories as used by the IFRS for SMEs Reporting Template, has been introduced.
    • Import Budgets: Pastel® budgets for Last Year, This Year and Next Year are created by default during ledger creation.
    • Import Cash Books: Pastel® cash books are imported as GA Payments and Receipts entry groups (linked to the appropriate bank account) during ledger creation.
    • VAT Report: The VAT report is now available for ledgers created from Pastel® ledgers.
    • Other Improvements
      GreatAccounts now takes care of data-related issues with Pastel ledgers by automatically creating accounts that are missing in the Pastel data for which there are transactions as well re-allocating entries allocated to Control accounts to the first sub-account for the control account in question.
    • An updated GA Pastel Integration user guide is available to download from the GreatSoft FTP-site, under GreatAccounts | GA Manuals | GreatLedger.
  • Account Category Re-mapping
    A powerful maintenance feature is now available in GreatLedger allowing the re-mapping of existing accounts to different account categories. This function presents the user with a tree view of account categories with their respective accounts, allowing the user to either drag an account to a different category or to temporarily un-allocate it to the grid on the right, from where it can be re-assigned to a new category. A search function is also available, allowing users to quickly locate a specific account/category. This function can be found by navigating to the Maintenance menu in GreatLedger and selecting the Account Mapping option.
  • E-mailing GreatLedger Reports
    It is now possible to directly e-mail a report in GreatLedger from within the application. When a report is open in the report viewer, an additional toolbar button, called “Email Report As”, is available. The drop-down selector will allow you to select the format in which the report should be send. An additional window will open, allowing you to specify the Recipients, Subject and Body text.
  • Powerful Filtering in Account Maintenance
    Functionality has been added to Account Maintenance, allowing filtering to be done on the Year to Date and Last Year amount fields. Drop-down options next to each filter provide further filtering options (Less than, Greater than, Equal to).
  • Data Import: Importing of other Entry Groups
    The Data Import function which previously only allowed for the importing of Journal entries has been extended to now also support the importing of Payments, Receipts and Bank Statements entry groups. When selecting any of the newly supported entry types, the user will also be prompted to select the relevant Entry Group.
  • Automatic Backup before Performing "Year End"
    GreatAccounts will now automatically create a backup of a ledger in the background, prior to running the year end process. This is available to users working in Portable/Single environments. Users in Online environments are prompted to do a backup on the server before proceeding.
  • Transfer Disclosure to Another Financial Year
    More flexibility has been added with regards to disclosure items by now allowing users to transfer disclosure data between financial years. This option can be found in GreatFinancials under Utilities | Transfer Disclosure.
  • Sentence or Title Casing
    A new firm-wide option is available which can be used to specify whether the Index Page should be generated using Sentence casing (First word in sentence is capitalised) or Title casing (Every word in the sentence is capitalised). This option can be found in GreatExplorer | Maintenance | System Options | Common | GreatFinancials | Print Index page using sentence casing.
  • Headings and Dates
    Another firm-wide option that is available for GreatFinancials specifies whether dates in report headings should be appended to the report heading or printed on the next line. This option can be found in GreatExplorer | Maintenance | System Options | Common | GreatFinancials | Append headings with dates in page headers.
  • New Current Year Whole Year Budget (CYYB) Column
    A new column is now available in the Account Statistics report, called CYYB, which represents the entire financial year’s budget figure for a specific account. For P&L accounts the figure would be the sum of all budgets data for the financial year, whereas for BS accounts the figure would be the budget figure captured for the last period of the relevant financial year.
  • Users can submit their support requests by using the Send Support Query button in the Help | About screen. This option is available for both Single and Portable environment users. Essential details are populated automatically, and the user is able to enter additional information on the issue, submit any recommendations, as well as screenshots and/or a ledger backups - effortlessly.

    Please Note: All support queries for GreatAccounts can now be sent to the dedicated GA Support email address: gasupport@greatsoft.co.za
As always we would like to encourage you to continue sending us your recommendations to improve the software as we highly appreciate your feedback. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance.

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May you have a Great 2nd half of 2013! We still have a lot great features to come for the rest of the year... watch this space.

Best Regards,

The GreatAccounts Team

Registered users and clients can download the latest releases from www.greatsoft.co.za. To register, visit our website and follow the instructions under the Downloads page. If you require a CD version of the software, please contact the offsite consulting team with your shipping details.

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