GreatAccounts Release 10.3.1 | Update 2013.01


Release 10.3 (Update 2013.01) 20 March 2013
GreatAccounts is proud to release update 2013.01, containing mostly small but important enhancements.

Note: These release notes only provide highlights of the enhancements. Please click here for the unabridged version.

Important: If you have not upgraded to GreatAccounts yet and still on the older version called Accounts Production, please click here for detailed instructions to migrate from Accounts Production solution to GreatAccounts. Your client login credentials are required to access the secure FTP site.
  • New Online Model for Corporate Environments
    A new Online model which makes use of Web Services is now available for deployment in Corporate environments. The new model addresses certain limitations of the previous model, is easier to troubleshoot, and extends functionality by fully supporting both the Import and Delete ledger functions.
  • Automated Lead Schedules for IFRS for SMEs Reporting Template
    Changes have been made to both the software and the IFRS for SMEs Reporting Template in order to support the introduction of Lead Schedule reports. The latest Master template needs to be downloaded from the FTP-site and restored before the Lead Schedules will be available.
  • New Template for Joint Ventures
    A new entity template for Joint Ventures has been added to the IFRS for SMEs Master. When creating a ledger, simply select “Joint Venture” as an entity to transfer the disclosure rules applicable for a JV. The latest Master template needs to be restored for this to become available.
  • Option to print Date Headings in CAPS in GreatFinancials
    The generation of financials has now been made even more customisable by allowing the user to specify whether the date section of report headings should print in Capital letters. This firm-wide System Option can be accessed by going to the Common -> GreatFinancials area in GreatExplorer’s System Options. n GreatExplorer’s System Options.
  • More options when Refreshing the Reporting Framework
    This function has been extended by now allowing the user to apply the rule selections from the Member/Master ledger. Prior to this option being available the previous rule selections were always applied.
  • Enhancements to Pastel Integration
    GreatAccounts now takes care of data-related issues with Pastel ledgers by auto creating accounts which are missing in the Pastel data for which there are transactions as well re-allocating entries allocated to Control accounts to the first sub-account for the control account in question.
  • Account Lookups in Formulas
    To satisfy the ever increasing scenarios for which the GreatFinancials report generator is used we have added the ability to use account lookups in formula expressions. Any of the existing account statistic fields can be used in the formula. When specifying a formula the account lookup formula is captured in the format: ACC (Account).Field.

    E.g. to specify that a value for a column must be calculated as the LYR field divided by the LYRQ (Last Year Quantity) for Account 1000 the formula would be specified as follows: LYR / ACC(1000).LYRQ
  • Cosmetic changes to the Vat Reports
    A few cosmetic changes were made to all the Vat reports in GreatLedger to make the reports easier to interpret.
  • Backup Path Selection
    GreatAccounts will now prevent the special system folders My Documents and Desktop (including sub-directories) to be selected as a destination when backing up a ledger. This has to be done as security restrictions in Microsoft SQL Server prevent these paths to be used for backup/restore. hs to be used for backup/restore.
  • Seat Count Validation
    An issue was corrected that prevented more users to be added to the system even though the licensed seat count has not yet been reached. The security maintenance area has been changed to clearly inform the user when the limit is reached or about to be reached.
  • Please submit support requests by using the new Send Support Query button in the Help|About window. This option is available for both Single and Portable environment users. Essential details are populated automatically, and the user is able to enter additional information on the issue, submit any recommendations, as well as screenshots and/or a ledger backups - effortlessly.

    Please Note: All support queries for GreatAccounts can now be sent to the new dedicated GA Support email address:
As always we would like to encourage you to continue sending us your recommendations to improve the software as we highly appreciate your feedback. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance.

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Keep a lookout for the next update which is packed with new and exciting features!

Best Regards

The GreatAccounts Team

Registered users and clients can download the latest releases from by logging into the FTP-Site. To register, visit our website and follow the instructions under the Support page. If you require a CD version of the software, please contact the offsite consulting team with your shipping details.

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