IFRS for SMEs Compliant








GreatLedger is a general ledger module used to capturing and processing all your transactions, up to trial balance level. There are three ways to do this currently in GreatAccounts:

1.       Bank Statement Imports / Excel Import

2.       Manual Write Ups

3.       Direct Integration with Pastel




The main features of GreatLedger are:

  • Easily capture or import transactions
  • Bank Statement imports
  • Direct Pastel Integration
  • Mapping template design
  • General ledger reporting
  • Trial balance drill down capability
  • Journal processing
  • Bank recons
  • Cash book
  • Vat report
  • Audit trail
  • Indefinite data retention
  • Period and year ends
  • Multi-Currency and multi-office reporting


Once the TB or GL is imported you can easily pass the required journals. GA has catered for the following journals:

  • Adusting Journals
  • Recurring Journals
  • Cash Journals
  • Reversal Journals

Further to this you can Propose Journals – which can then easily be confirmed at a later stage if necessary.

All journal entries are date driven and one can easily go back or forward in time to a specific period (regardless of year or date) to un-post, edit and re-post a journal – ideal for times when one needs to adjust journals in a certain period. 

The direct integration with Pastel also allows for Once-off Journal Entries – no need for recapturing journals on two systems. Pass your journals in Pastel, which will pull through to GreatAccounts by simply refreshing. No mess, no fuss.

And there is a Quick Data Entry functionality which you can utilise to quickly post general write ups to the ledger. Ideal for those small clients – which create an unnecessary headache in your normal accounting system.


  • Easily import your Bank Statements from ABSA, Nedbank, Standard Bank, FNB or Capitec, and automate your batch posting be setting up predefined rules for your cash book entries.
  • Managing your Cash Flow becomes a pleasure with the built-in Cashbook. Easily track your Payments and Receipts assigned to specific bank accounts, and perform monthly Bank Recons to reconcile your bank and cash.


  • Simply generate your Trial Balance – which has further drill down to show you Batch and Journal Entries.
  • The General Ledger report gives you a detail break-down of your Chart of Accounts, by a simple look-up option.
  • A Cash Book report can be generated for every bank account, as well as a Bank Recon report for management sign-off.
  • A Detail or Summarised Vat Report can be printed, which gives you a break-down per Vat code.
  • GreatLedger provides a built-in Audit Trail, which shows you a “who did what” report on all changes made in the General Ledger – every Auditor’s dream!
  • All reports can be easily printed and manipulated after exporting them to Excel, Word or PDF.


  • Period and Year ends are easily done with GA – simply roll over into the next by the click of a button. Periods are also locked down to staff once the Financials have been finalised.
  • All data is kept indefinitely in the ledgers and one can easily lookup any historical financial information and print the reports.
  • All applications can be restricted for staff members wherever necessary as menu-level security is applied.